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About Alice

Hiya! I'm Alice Sjöberg (she/her), an entertainment writer with a special interest in online culture and social media. I'm currently working as a staff writer at

Alice Sjöberg

I moved to Liverpool from my

hometown in Sweden in 2018 to begin her studies at university. Besides from being a full-time student, I'm is also a frequent contributor to several online publications, such as Empoword Journalism, the Indiependent and Meridian Magazine. I was also a lifestyle editor for Empoword Journalism since September 2020. My main focuses in her writing are current affairs, culture and human rights.

After graduating from LJMU, I moved to London to start a fast-track NCTJ course in Multimedia Journalism with News Associates in September 2021. The court gave me a kickstart into my career as a journalist. Soon after it finished I moved to Swindon in February 2022 to start working as a reporter for the Swindon Advertiser. I soon also moved on to working at the Wiltshire Times and the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald.

However, I soon realised local journalism wasn't for me, and got offered a job with PA Media as an SEO writer, which I began in October 2022. Working on a contract with Reach PLC, my job included writing celebrity and entertainment based stories for OK! Magazine.

I then began working as an Entertainment Staff Writer for online news site Dexerto in May 2023, where my main focus is stories relating tsocial media and online culture.

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